My name is Magaly, that is all.
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Saying “I have seen sixteen winters” makes you sound so much older and more mature and experienced than saying “I’m sixteen year old”


why can’t I lose weight easily I mean I lose everything else without a problem

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i want kids but im scared they’ll blame me if theyre ugly

me: im so tired, i could collapse into bed and sleep for a year..
me: gets in bed
me: how was earth created
me: who made microwaves
me: how does the internet even work
me: i'm hungry
me: feels bad about something i did 4 years ago
me: remembers 73 unfinished tasks
me: too tired to sleep


when someone explains something to you for the 3rd time and you still dont get it so you kinda just 



i don’t want to go to sleep i want to be famous


Here’s a serious advice. Even the nicest people have their limits. Don’t try to reach that point because the nicest people are also the scariest assholes when they’ve had enough.

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Lana Del Rey songs make me feel sad and nostalgic about things that haven’t happened to me

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“everyone has their off days” I tell myself 15 days in a row

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